Create a portfolio

1. Click on 'Create New Portfolio'.



2. Enter Portfolio Details and click 'Create'.


Amount: this field is optional, so when creating a model portfolio for example no cash value needs to be entered. If an investment amount is entered the cash value of each fund will be shown when reviewing the portfolio.

Asset Allocation: select the asset allocation model to build your portfolio around. With Lonsec's Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) or Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA) (updated quarterly, refer to the latest Investment Outlook Report (IOR) for recommendations) the weightings will be determined for you, alternatively use Custom Asset Allocation to enter your own portfolio asset class weightings.

Strategy: select a risk profile or use the Risk Profiler to determine the asset allocation strategy for your portfolio. To build a single asset class portfolio select the appropriate sector type. Once you have selected this the pie chart to the right will update with the suggested asset allocation if Lonsec's SAA or TAA were selected. If you have selected Custom Asset Allocation, enter the weights for each sector into the pie chart to the right.

Alternatives:  select according to whether you wish to use alternatives products in the portfolio.

Lonsec blends: If you have chosen to use Lonsec Blends, the portfolio will pre-populate with default funds recommended by Lonsec which complement each other to create a portfolio aligned to the Strategy selected. 

Alternatively, if you select 'No' you can select products for each asset class using the search tool once you are in the portfolio.

Filter by platform: if the portfolio will be invested via a particular platform select it here so only funds available on the platform are shown when searching for funds.

Filter by product group: use to restrict the available funds in the search options to build your portfolio from to a pre-saved product group such as a company APL.


3. Add products to your portfolio

Managed funds, listed products (ASX 500, Listed Income, ETFs and LICs) and your saved product groups or custom products (term deposits) can be included in a portfolio

There a two methods:

a. Using the Add search box at the to of the screen

Click on Add and move between the different tabs to select the products to include in your portfolio.

For managed funds and listed investments search by their unique identifier (APIR, ASX code), the products name, or a key word to select from a filtered selection in the drop down menu.

 Selecting a Product Group will add ALL products saved in that product group to the portfolio.

Note: if you would like to restrict your search to products you have saved in a product group, such as your APL, select the product group from the Portfolio Settings panel on the left of the screen and click Update.

Enter the APIR code, or multiple APIR codes with a space between them, or type in the fund name and select from the drop-down list.


b. Using your Workbench

Go to your Workbench and under 'Send to...' select Portfolio Construction

This will bring across all products (funds and listed) stored to your Workbench while working in other areas of the portal



4. Review / modify product selection and weightings

You can make now make further changes to your portfolio from this area - delete funds, adjust weightings or cash values, change the order of products, move them between asset classes and re-name the asset class categories.

You can also create time-series portfolios to track changes to holdings and weightings since the inception of the portfolio.


Once you are happy with the portfolio click on Save.

Note: you will be prompted to save any changes before moving to another page 


5. Click on the 'Portfolio Comparison' tab to compare portfolios

Use this tool to compare up to 5 portfolios against an each other for example a client's current portfolio versus your recommended portfolio.

Click on the Add button and select the portfolio(s) from the drop down menu or search by name/ keyword



6. Run reports from the 'Portfolio Reports' tab

Select one or more reports, customise the charts to include in your portfolio report by clicking on 'Customise this report' and add your own commentary to the report. Then click 'Generate Report'.

Note: if multiple reports are selected, files will be downloaded as a zip file.




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