Creating a Portfolio - using the Settings panel

The Portfolio Settings panel defines the broad strategy of the portfolio and modifies product selection and weights accordingly.  

For example, if the allocation for 'Global Equities' is reduced in the settings, the products weights within this asset class will be reduced to reflect this change. 


Asset Allocation & Strategy

Portfolios can be based on Lonsec Tactical / Strategic Asset Allocation models or fully customised.

Based on your client requirements, select the appropriate 'Asset Allocation and 'Strategy'.



Asset class weightings can be modified directly for customised portfolios.  



Lonsec Blends

By selecting 'Yes', the portfolio will be populated with Lonsec recommended products. 


Blends can be chosen for each asset class. Furthermore, blends can be filtered by platform and 'Product Group'.



Product Filters

When adding products to a portfolio, you can limit search results to a particular 'Product Group' and/or a platform. This allows you to base a portfolio on a saved Product Group (e.g. your APL) or platform, and restricts the products in the search results when Adding Products to your portfolio.




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