The Workbench automatically saves products you select in the Product Research Libraries or Quantitative Analysis areas for use site-wide.

Located on the top right menu bar of the site, the Workbench allows you to:

  • quickly add all investment products to the Quantitative Analysis tool;
  • quickly add products to an existing or new portfolio in Portfolio Construction;
  • save products to an existing or new Product Group; or
  • download research reports for all selected products in one file. 



Adding products to the Workbench

As you select products in each Research Library or in Quantitative Analysis they are automatically saved to your Workbench.

The list of products in your Workbench will continue to increase as you select more products.

The products in your Workbench are saved until you remove them, either here or in the 'Selected' section in the Research Library. They are stored and will show the next time you log in.

Move between each tab to see which products are saved from each research library.

1. Removing products from the Workbench

If there are products in your Workbench you no longer want you can remove them either individually by clicking on the symbol to the left of the product name or to delete all products, use 'Clear Workbench'.

2. Sending products to other areas of the site

To save time searching for the products once you are in Portfolio Construction or Quantitative Analysis, you can add them using the Workbench.

Go to Workbench and click on the area you want to send them to.

In Quantitative Analysis the funds will automatically appear in the table. More...

In Portfolio Construction, you have the option to add them to an existing portfolio or create a new portfolio. More...

3. Saving products to a Product Group

You have the option to add products to an existing Product Group or a new one. More...

4. Download reports

Click on the report type to download the reports as one file for all products showing in your Workbench.


Note: Fund Viewpoints and Fund Review's are only available for products rated by Lonsec





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