Portfolio Details tab

The 'Product Details' tab is the central location to:

  • Add/remove products
  • Refine weights 
  • Rebalance weights as per Portfolio Settings
  • Save and create different portfolio versions (‘Save As’)

Adding Products

You can search for Products by name, APIR or ASX code.

1. Click on 'Add Product' and select product type from the menu 

2. Enter the fund name, APIR code or ASX code and select from drop down list or hit Enter.

Note you can add multiple APIR or ASX codes in the search box or copy and paste from other files.


Note: if search results are unexpectedly limited, please check if any filters have been applied in Portfolio Settings.


Removing products

Products can be removed by simply clicking on the cross icon - hover to the right line to display the icon an the click on it.

All products within an asset class can also be deleted.



Refining weights

Weights can be fully customised for each product. The total portfolio weight is calculated automatically to assist with balancing. 



Optionally, you can rebalance the portfolio as per the asset allocation defined in portfolio settings.

Click on the double arrows to the left of "Print" and select "Rebalance"


  • Automatic rebalancing will retain the original product weight ratio within an asset class.
  • If a product weighting is set to 0% and other products exist within the asset class, the zero weighting for this product will be maintained. 

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