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Text Search & Filters

You can search for managed funds using the search text box and/ or with the filters in combination.

Search box

You can search using all or part of a fund name or the APIR code in the search field. 

As you enter the name, up to 10 suggested options will appear in a drop down menu for you to select from. Keep typing to narrow down your options.

If you can't see the fund you are looking for, simply press 'Enter' for all possible options to display in the Search Results area to the right.


Note: The database will search for any funds that contain the words you enter in the search field, it doesn't need to be an exact match. e.g. typing Ironbark Australia will find all funds which contain these two words in any order.


You can enter multiple APIR codes into the search box. For more information on importing APLs and other external lists stored in documents, click here.


Search filter options

You can use the filter options with or without text in the search box.

For example, you can search for a fund manager's name in a certain asset sector if you cannot remember the exact fund name or would like to see their product range. For Example 'Fidelity' in 'Australian Equities'. 



Product Group, Platform and Portfolio Filters

When using the filter options, one or more can be selected.

These filters enable funds in Product Groups and Portfolios to show here for the purposes of:

  • Reviewing & downloading reports (Tabs and PDFs)
  • Merging Profile reports
  • Building new Product Groups which are:
    • based on existing lists / portfolios
    • platform-specific
  • 'Sending' fund lists to the Quantitative Analysis tools or other areas of the site  


Checkbox Filters

One or more selection can be made from the filters which use 'checkboxes' including 'Asset Class / Sector', 'Rating', 'Investment Structure' and 'Investor Size'.


 For more information on each search criteria filter click here ...



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