Importing APLs / Searching using APIR codes

Multiple funds can be searched for at one time using APIR codes.

APIR codes can be copied from external documents, such as your APL document, with minimal or no formatting. As an example, the following formats are accepted:

  • Commas separating the values (CSV): "ACM0001AU, FID0008AU, ETL0465AU, BNT0003AU"
  • Varying spaces between values: "ACM0001AU   FID0008AU        ETL0465AU      BNT0003AU"

The selections highlighted in yellow can be copied and pasted into the search tool without any formatting changes.






Copying into the search tool

Simply paste the APIR codes into the Search field box and hit Search or press Enter. The selected products will be displayed in the Search Results area to the right.

To maximise search results clear all filters and do not tick 'Open Funds Only' / 'Headline Funds Only'.



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