Selecting And Viewing Your Search Results

Viewing your results

Once you have completed the search criteria, your results are shown to the right in the Search Results box.

You can view and download the Stock Viewpoint from this section - a two-page report outlining the key metrics we review all stocks against.

You are able to view additional financial metrics for each stock, by clicking on the 'Customn Data Points' at the top right of the page.

This data can then be exported to Excel or Word



You can also sort the order of the results on the screen by clicking on the column header. For example sort by rating or Market Cap.


Selecting your stocks

To view information on the stocks you need to 'move' them to the "Selected" area of the page. To do this you:

1. use the tick box to the left

2. click anywhere on the row

3. if you would like to view all of the returned stocks click on 'Select all'



Viewing stock data

Once the stock(s) is in the Selected area of the page you are able to select 'Stock Viewpoint' from the menu tab and view the Stock Profile and the Key Financial Metrics of each stock.

From the menu on the top right select to download the Stock Viewpoints for all selected stocks in one file.


View key data on each stock including the income and growth profiles, action signal and Lonsec commentary on the stock.

The share price performance chart is interactive - select the period over to which to review performance and the start and end dates.


Key Financial Metrics

View the interactive charts for the key metrics Lonsec reviews when rating stocks, covering Growth, Income, Financial Strength and Valuation


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