Creating a Product Group

Product groups can be useful if there is a group of stocks you monitor or need to access information for on a regular basis, for example a client's portfolio.

The Equity search tool can be used to create your Product groups. 

1. Search for stocks
Use the search criteria or enter the codes or stock names in the search box
Remember: if you have the ASX codes already saved in a document, simply copy and paste the ASX codes into the search box - no formatting is required.

2. Select all stocks or tick specific relevant stocks

3. Click on 'Create Product Group'
You can create a new product group or add the selected stocks to an existing product group, allowing you to build your product group incrementally using multiple searches, or add to it over time.

4. Enter a name for the Product group and click 'Create/ Add'



For information on managing your product groups click here...

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