Using Equities in Portfolios

It is possible to include direct equities in a portfolio either with managed funds or as an equities only portfolio.

For both types of portfolios, the Portfolio Report will include the direct equity performance and the Stock Viewpoints can be selected to be included in the Portfolio Report.

Comparison reports for up to 5 portfolios can be run and a portfolio performance report can also be run.

There are three ways in which you can add stocks to a portfolio in the Portfolio Construction tool:

1. Create a Product Group of your stocks in the Equities module and then select this when in the Portfolio Construction tool; or

2. From the Workbench select 'Send to Portfolio Construction' once you have selected the funds from the research library; or

3. Select the stocks directly from the 'Add' tab in the Portfolio Construction tool

Learn more about using portfolio construction here.

Further analysis and overlays can be carried out on different products and/ or your portfolios within the Quantitative Analysis tool with 17 performance and risk calculations available.


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