Equities & Managed Funds in a Portfolio

It is possible to create portfolios which contains both direct Australian equities and managed funds.

It is recommended to build the portfolio with the managed funds first so as to determine the overall asset allocation and risk profile of the portfolio and then add the Australian equity portion.

For more information on creating a managed fund portfolio click here...

Australian equities can be used on their own for the Australian Equity portion of a portfolio or in combination with Australian Equity funds.

Once you have created your portfolio you can add stocks by either:

a. Using the  + Add a share search box

Enter the ASX code, or multiple ASX codes with a space between them, or type in the stock name and select from the drop-down list. 

Note: this list comprises the whole ASX 300 not just the ASX 200 covered by our Equity Research

b. Selecting a saved Watchlist

In the search box start typing the name of your Watchlist and select it from the drop-down list which appears.

In the boxes next to each stock enter the asset allocation weight, or if you would like them to all be equally weighted click on 'Rebalance'

Once you are happy with the portfolio click on Save. You will be prompted to save if you try to go to another page in the site or make a change to any of the Portfolio Settings.

For more information on the Portfolio Construction tool click here..


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