Selecting and viewing your search results

Selecting your funds

Once you have completed the search criteria, your results are shown to the right in the Search Results box.



To view information on the funds you need to 'move' them to the "Selected" area of the page. To do this you:

1. click anywhere on the row

2. use the tick box to the left

3. if you would like to view them all click on 'Select all'


From the Search Results area you have quick access links to four reports:


1. Fund profile - the one page fund profile with the latest performance data

2. Fund Viewpoint - the summary review of our rating review (only available for Lonsec rated products)

3. Fund Review - the detailed report of our our rating review (only available for Lonsec rated products)

4. Sector Overview - the detailed report of our findings from the review of the whole sector (only available for Lonsec rated products)


Viewing reports and fund data

Once the funds are in the Selected area of the page you are able to navigate between the various Report Tabs to view fund data and access fund profiles. More...


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