Building an Equities only Portfolio

In Portfolio Construction, select Create New and name your portfolio. 




2. Select Equity only portfolio, populate the portfolio field with a name and a dollar amount, then click Create. 

Note: The reports available on an equity only portfolio are limited.




Building an 'All Investments" portfolio, you will follow the steps to populate the below areas:

Investment Amount: this field is optional, so when creating a model portfolio for example no amount needs to be entered. If an investment amount is entered the cash value of each stock will be shown when reviewing the portfolio.

Asset Allocation: this allows you to select the asset allocation model to build your portfolio around. For an Equities only portfolio this can be left on the default.

Strategy: to build a single asset class portfolio select the appropriate sector type, in this instance Australian Equities. Once you have selected this the pie chart to the right will update with the suggested asset allocation of 100% Australian Equity.

Alternatives:  select No for direct equity only portfolios

Lonsec blends: select No for direct equity only portfolios

Filter by platform: leave blank for direct equity only portfolios

Filter by product group: leave blank for direct equity only portfolios


3. Adding stocks to your portfolio

There a two ways you can do this:

a. Using the  + Add options and tab to Listed on the menu.

Enter the ASX code, or multiple ASX codes with a space between them, or type in the stock name and select from the drop-down list. 

Note: this list comprises the whole ASX 300 not just the ASX 200 covered by our Equity Research


b. Selecting a saved Product group

In the search box start typing the name of your product group and select it from the drop-down list which appears


4. Assign the asset allocation

In the boxes next to each stock enter the asset allocation weight, or if you would like them to all be equally weighted click on 'Rebalance'

Once you are happy with the portfolio click on Save. You will be prompted to save if you try to go to another page in the site or make a change to any of the Portfolio Settings.


5. Click on the 'Portfolio Report' tab

Select one or more reports, update report details and click 'Generate Report'.

Note: if multiple reports are selected, files will be downloaded as a zip (folder).





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