Bulk Import portfolio into iRate

This feature allows you to load a portfolio, or multiple portfolios, into the Portfolio Construction tool via Excel.

The Excel file for loading portfolios is compatible with Xplan, allowing you to export a client's portfolio from Xplan to view and make changes in the Portfolio Construction tool before then exporting in the same Excel file format to load back into Xplan.

Include multiple portfolios on the Excel file to load them into the system at the same time.

1. Click on 'Create New Portfolio'


2. Select 'Bulk Upload' tab


a. Download the Excel template

Complete the Excel template, ensuring all compulsory fields are completed for each product (fund, stock, ETF etc) you enter.

You can have multiple portfolios on the same file, each one will be automatically saved in iRate with the Portfolio name you entered in column A.

Save the file.

b. Select the to load into iRate

Click on 'Choose File' and select the saved document from your folders.

c. Select if creating a new portfolio or updating an existing portfolio

Note: if selecting 'Update existing portfolio' ensure the portfolio name in the Excel file exactly matches the name of the existing portfolio saved in iRate. 

d. Company wide Model Portfolio

Note: This option is only available to certain users.

Select this option if you want all users under your subscription to be able to view the portfolio.

e. Validate File

Click here to load the portfolios into the Portfolio Construction tool.

All portfolios in the file will automatically be saved in the Portfolio Construction tool and can be accessed via the 'Load Existing' tab.

Note: If any data has been entered incorrectly in the Excel file a message will pop up on the screen advising what is missing/ needs to be corrected.



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