Time-Series portfolio

Use this feature to track changes to your portfolio over time including both the asset allocation and/or holdings by adding and/or removing products.

Create the initial or current portfolio as you would a standard portfolio. Once this has been saved you can then start to add different time periods.

1. Click on ‘Create Time-Series Portfolio’


In the white box select ‘Add New’ and in the pop up box select the effective date and click on ‘Add’

Note: this will be applied to the portfolio already created displayed on the screen at present



2. Add more periods

To add other time periods, click on the ‘Holding from’ white box and select ‘Add New’ and repeat Step 1 above



Make the changes to the portfolio for the new time period and click on Save

Repeat for all time-periods required for the portfolio

3. Viewing the different time periods

  1. Toggle between the different time periods to view the portfolio holdings using the grey arrows next to the ‘Holding from’ box or click on the date period from the drop down list.



    2. To view all time periods together click on ‘View All Holdings’

        A pop up box will appear showing the holdings and asset allocations for each date the change         occurred, highlighting the changes.

       This file can be exported to Excel.



Time-series portfolios are marked in the ‘Load Existing’ pop up box and when displayed on screen with a 




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