Creating a Custom Product - Overview

Go to your Custom Settings page on the menu bar and click on Custom Products

1. Click on 'Create New' to create your Custom Product

In the Create Custom Product pop up box select the type of Custom Product you want to create and complete the remaining fields in the pop up box, as appropriate:



Note: the fields marked with a red asterisk are compulsory

2. Add the return data for your custom product.
Dependent on the type of Custom Product you are creating you can select the funds/ benchmarks to create a composite product from those already available in iRate, enter the monthly return data manually, or bulk upload the growth data via an Excel template. 

Full details can be found under each Custom Product type on how to enter the data:

  • Term Deposit/ Cash product, more...
  • Fund, more...;
  • Benchmark, more...; or

3. Click on Save once all data has been entered 

4. Edit your Custom Products at anytime by selecting Edit on the Custom Product home page



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