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Text Search & Filters

You can search for Super Funds using the search text box and/ or with the filters in combination.

Search box

You can search using all or part of the Super Fund's option name in the search field. 

If you would like to see all options from one provider, enter their name and then simply click on the search button for all possible options to display in the Search Results area to the right.

Note: The database will search for an exact match to what you have entered



Search filter options

You can use the filter options with or without text in the search box.

For example, you can search by a Super Fund's provider name and then by Product Universe if you cannot remember the exact option name or would like to see their full product range. 



Check-box Filters

One or more selection can be made from the filters which use check-boxes including 'Rating', 'Fund Type' and 'Option Type'.



Sort Order

The default order for returning the search results is by Product name in alphabetical order, you can change this using the filters so you can see the results in rating order for example.



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