Setting up your Comparison

The Comparison tool allows you to compare up to 3 investment options.

Access this tool from Tools > Super Fund Comparison > Option Comparison or send the products direct from the Super Fund research page

1. Enter your clients details in Member Summary

Complete the data fields under Comparison Inputs in the pop up box - age, gender and occupation type are compulsory.

The data provided will be used for some of the calculations in the comparison report. 

Additional client details can be added via the Comparison Inputs menu to the left of the page:

  • Sum Insured - if left blank, assumed on a premium of $1 per week for Death and Death & TPD; 
  • Salary - used for income protection calculations, assumed on a premium of $1 per week if left blank for Death and Death & TPD; and
  • Account balance -default value will be $50,000 for comparison purposes if left blank.


2. Select the Super Fund Options to compare

If selected via the Super Fund Research area, the options will be pre-populated in the search results area. More...

Alternatively, select the Super Fund options in the pop up box..

Note: Pension products can only be compared against other pension products. Member Choice and My Super options can be included in the same comparison.

Click 'Compare'



Once you are on the Super Fund Comparison screen, you can add in the additional comparison inputs on the left hand menu bar and add or change the Options by clicking on the 'Add New Option' button at the top of the results table.

Click here to learn about viewing the comparison results...

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