How do you monitor super funds and their ratings?

SuperRatings’ ratings methodology seeks to cover over 300 individual parts of a Superannuation fund’s offering. The data assessed covers information available in the public domain, as well as aspects which are sourced directly from funds. Funds are benchmarked across all assessment areas each year to ensure our ratings remain relevant. There may be an out of cycle change to a fund’s rating, although this is rare, if new material information emerges during the year.

On a monthly basis, SuperRatings reviews each product assessing across individual components, such as Investments, Insurance and Fees, and assigning into quartiles represented by road signs. For instance, ‘110’ denotes the best 25% of performers, while ‘40’ indicates the bottom 25% of performers. This allows the ratings to reflect more up to date information released through Product Disclosure Statements throughout the year, while the annual assessment is the most comprehensive and accounts for all 300 factors.

A fund’s overall ‘Platinum’, ‘Gold’, ‘Silver’ or ‘Other’ rating is unlikely to change outside the annual assessment process, while components of the Investment, Fees, Insurance and Pension Flexibility ratings may change during the year as updated information is released.

Click here to view the ratings methodology documents.

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