The Menu Structure

The names and location of some menus have changed, but the content is the same. Read on to find out what's different.



Investment Strategy (previously Market) is where you will find all items linked to strategy whether for the accumulation or retirement life stages of your clients:

  • Asset Allocation for details of Lonsec's six risk profiles and their investment objectives, portfolio characteristics and asset allocation recommendations and details on Lonsec's managed accounts;
  • Data contains the Market Indices returns for all major benchmarks and the Historical Returns for a variety of asset classes and model portfolios; 
  • Market Reports access Lonsec's monthly reports including the Investment Outlook Report and Client Newsletter; and
  • Lonsec Retire provides access to papers and thought pieces from Lonsec and our partners on what to consider for your clients in the retirement stage.


Product Research Libraries (previously Funds and Equities) - the research has been re-grouped into one section based on the licences and services you provide to your clients. The research is grouped into three easy to access libraries:

  • All Product Search allows you to search across all investment products from one simple page;
  • Managed Funds for all Fund, Investment Bond, Direct Asset, SMA, mFund and Structured products;
  • Listed for all products you would access via an exchange, so our ASX 200 research, Listed Income, ETF and LIC/LIT products; and
  • Superannuation covering the option level research covered by our Lonsec Research team and the product research carried out by SuperRatings.

Your access to the research and investment products you subscribe to has not changed, but it may now be located in a new section, for example ETF research is now available under the Listed library.


Tools is where you will find the resources to assist you in implementing your research recommendations, you can access:

  • Portfolio Construction for building and modelling your clients’ portfolios;
  • Quantitative Analysis for comparing funds or portfolios on a risk or return basis in; 
  • Risk Profiler to assist in determining your clients attitude to risk; and 
  • Super Fund Comparison Tool for performing a side by side comparison of Super Funds at the product level.


Investment Solutions for information on Lonsec's Investment Solutions and how we can work with you to implement portfolios:

  • Model Portfolios access Lonsec's notional and retirement model portfolios and latest reports;
  • Managed Accounts access all the information you need about our Managed Account solutions - the portfolios and their investment objectives, platform availability and PDS's; and
  • New for advisers using the Lonsec Managed Accounts is our Adviser Portalproviding access to performance reports, portfolio change updates, SOA supporting inserts and other tools and resources to help you and your clients. 


Support is where you will find the resources to help you use iRate and maximise its potential for your business with a full online Help Library, Training videos and registration for our webinars and access to all our supporting documents and papers in the Document Archive.



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