Managed Funds - Schedule regular Custom Reports

Within the Product Summary area in the Managed Funds library, alongside being able to select the Data Points you want to review on screen (find out more here) you can also schedule to receive the reports by email on a frequency you select.

Once you have selected the Funds you would like to Schedule a report for (this could be your APL you have saved as a Product Group for example), go to the Product Summary tab and click on the menu button 'Schedule a Report'

In the pop up box:

  • select the Frequency you would like to receive the report (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly);
  • select the Data you would like included in the report;
  • confirm the Products or add/remove products; and
  • click on Save.


Please note: Only one scheduled report can be created and it can only be sent to the email address of the registered iRate user as shown on the Schedule tab. If this email address is incorrect please contact us.


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