Portfolio Client Reports - select the charts to include

When creating portfolio reports for your client you now have the option to select which charts and tables you include in the report.

Under Portfolio Client Report click on Customise this Report and from the drop down box select what you would like to include:

1. Select if the tables are to be included

By default the Top 10 Holdings and Regional Analysis Tables will be included in the report. Untick these if you do not want to include them.

2. Change the default charts automatically selected

The default six charts will display on the screen.

Change these charts for different ones using the drop down menu above the current chart showing on the screen.

Note: the chart on the screen is the actual chart for your portfolio as will be shown on the final portfolio report

3. Add charts

To add more charts, click on the Add icon at the top right of the box to select the chart and over which time period from the drop down list

4. Remove charts

To remove a chart from the screen and the report click on the X next to the chart


You can add your own portfolio commentary to the report via the Commentary box on the screen beneath the report selection table.

It is also possible to add your own client logo to these report. Simply email your logo in JPEG format to the Client Services team with your company name and the details of the registered iRate user. Email: support@lonsec.com.au

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