Create & edit Asset Class Categories


This feature allows you to create new Asset Class categories for your portfolios and move products within your portfolio to these new categories. For example, create a Multi-Asset classification and move multi-asset funds from the ‘Other’ category to here.

You can also rename existing categories to align with your own classifications.

Create a new portfolio as normal, or open an existing portfolio. Once this has been created you can then start to add or edit the Asset Class categories.

1. Click on 'Add Asset Class'

In the pop up box enter the name of the new asset class category and click on 'Ok'



2. Move the order of the Asset Class Categories

Click on the cross icon at the far right of the row for the asset class category and drag and drop to where you would like the category to sit.

Note: you can do this with all of the asset class categories to adjust the order, not just newly created ones.



3. Add or move products between Asset Class Categories

Add a product to your portfolio as you would normally using the 'Add' button. This will add the product to your portfolio into the Lonsec defined asset class category.

To move a product from this category to a different one, click on the cross icon at the far right of the row for the product and drag and drop to the asset class category you would like it to sit under.



4. Edit an Asset Class Category

Click on the pen icon to change the name of an Asset Class category.


5. Delete an Asset Class Category

Click on the bin icon to delete the whole category. 


Note when deleting a category you will have the option to move all of the products saved within that category to a different asset class category or delete them all from the portfolio. You can also move the products separately to other asset class categories as per point 3 above prior to deleting the category.


Rebalancing a portfolio

Once you have edited or added a new asset class category, the portfolio's Asset Allocation in the Portfolio Settings panel will update to Custom Asset Allocation (if Lonsec Model SAA or Lonsec DAA selected when creating the portfolio), the new asset class category will show in the pie chart and weightings at the bottom of the left hand panel.


To use the rebalance feature under 'Edit' you will need to ensure the asset allocation is updated to the correct weightings in the left hand portfolio settings menu for each asset class prior to rebalancing the portfolio.




Understanding the Asset allocation charts

  • Portfolio Report and Portfolio Comparison reports
    In these reports Lonsec is using the asset allocation for the underlying products in the portfolio and what this total allocation is across the asset class categories.
    These charts will therefore show the Lonsec asset class categories and not any new/ edited ones added to the portfolio.
  • Asset Allocation report
    This report shows the allocation of the portfolio's products across the asset class categories listed in the portfolio. Therefore if you have created a new asset class it will show in the pie chart and will match the percentage weighting of the products within each asset class.
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