Equities and Listed Income in Portfolio Construction & Quantitative Analysis

ASX 500 stocks and Listed Income products can now be included in portfolios and analysis across the portfolio construction suite and in quantitative analysis.

What’s Changed?

Add Product - we have updated these menu tabs and where the different investment vehicles sit to align with the iRate Product Research Libraries. All stocks, listed income, ETF and LIC’s can be searched for via the Listed menu tab. Under the Managed Funds tab you will find managed funds and superannuation products.

Click here for more detail on building a portfolio and adding products.

 Portfolio Comparison - you can now compare a portfolio which solely contains equities or a combination of equities and other products within this tool.

Click here to find out more about using the comparison tool.

Quantitative Analysis - run detailed performance and risk analysis on stocks and listed income products alongside managed funds. Whether it is for a portfolio, or a selection of potential products to consider for use in a portfolio, the Quantitative Analysis tools now allows you to add stocks to this analysis.

Click here to find out more about Quantitative Analysis.

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