All Product Search page

Located at the top of the Product Research Library menu or via the search icon on the top of the screen, this page allows you to search across all investment products from one simple page. Simply add the product codes (APIR, ASX codes) or product name to the search box, or use the filters to find the products you require.



Search box

You can search for products using the search text box and/ or with the filters in combination.

Use all or part of a product name or the APIR / ASX code in the search field. 

As you enter the name, suggested options will appear in a drop down menu for you to select from. Keep typing to narrow down your options.

If you can't see the fund you are looking for, or would like to see all products, simply press 'Enter' for all possible options to display in the Search Results area to the right.


You can enter multiple APIR, ASX codes into the search box. For more information on importing APLs and other external lists stored in documents, click here.


Search filter options

Use the filter options with or without text in the search box.

Restrict the search by: Asset Class, Rating, Product Group, and/or Portfolio

When using the filter options, one or more can be selected and multiple options within each filter category.

Using the results

Once you have your products in the 'Selected' area, you are able to:

  1. click on the column headers to change the order of results;
  2. download the individual research reports;
  3. Create or add to existing Product Groups;
  4. Send the products to other area of the portal - the Research Library to access more detailed information on each product (performance, asset allocation etc), Portfolio Construction or
    Quantitative Analysis; or
  5. Export the information to Excel or Word







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