FAQs on Net Benefit Comparison Tool


  1. How is the contribution calculated? 

The calculation uses the legislated contribution rate applied in that year, e.g. the current rate used is 9.5%.


  1. Can you include additional contributions made by the client?

Currently this option is not available. All calculations are based on the legislated contribution rate over the period in which the analysis applies.


  1. How many products can you compare in a single analysis?

You can compare up to three different products with different or similar risk profiles and strategies. You can also include a peer group average under ‘Summary Measures’.


  1. How frequently is the data updated?

The data is updated quarterly and will be available approximately 6 weeks after each quarter end.


  1. Where is the data sourced from?

The rack rate fees as published in the PDS are used for each calculation. Fee tiering and caps on balances are also taken into account.


  1. What is ‘Summary Measures’ shown as a product option?

The Summary Measures are a peer group average. You can select the option type (balanced, growth etc) and then an option choice from average, median and top or bottom quartile


  1. When using summary measures, what are the investment option choices?

AV All Super = average 

BQ All Super = bottom quartile, i.e. bottom 25% of providers

ME All Super = median

MT All Super = Master Trust median

NFP All Super = Not for Profit fund median

TQ All Super = top quartile, i.e. top 25% of providers

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